Although given Birth in Venezuela, he's been brought to us by a deadly fight between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Madrid caught him, and then took him dancing so he wouldn't forget the 'Son', but on one of those damned nights when one gets really homesick, the city kissed him in the mouth so he wouldn't ever leave. His hair turned grayer, and his look turned more European, but his lens just turned magical. He started taking photographs as the most profane of the artists, and he loved it. So did Madrid. It was his camera that transformed him into an alchemist of colors and beauty. Beauty above fads and trends; beauty will remain beautiful despite the tyranny of time. And Time will pass (...)

Having one of Rubendario's photos in our hands, yet not owning it, is understanding that the human body has more CORNERS than those our tired eyes could see. It is also knowing that our skin is the most vital of our organs; capable of feeling, as long as we care enough to pay attention to it. Rubendario's lens tickles your skin every time he shoots with a camera that came out of 'El Rastro' to become a part of his body.

It wouldn't be fair to just mention his camera, daring to forget all of the hard work along his career that has made him this Guru of the image, of beauty, of style beyond the tyranny of fashion trends. Those damned trends... Rubendario has created a unique style and way of working with make-up; he has also been the art director of those video-clips that one would like to see becoming movies. He has created new trends himself making it clear that he is ahead of this time. He is not just a photographer; in fact, I would think that's the least of things one can say he is. He is a dream maker; he brings out the worst in you so he can then turn it into something beautiful. He seeks for those corners in unknown skins, and makes you want to rest there. Through his way of working with make-up, a woman will discover how many other women live within her: ladies, young girls, decent prostitutes and perverse chicks. There is a relationship toned with fantasy between any woman and Rubendario. And as for men, they check their stereotypes at Rubendario's door, tear their shirts off, and give themselves away to life while Rubendario submerges them into his world. And it shows.

Ana Milán.